Features Overview

A brief overview of Tygr Rawwk's current and upcoming recordings. 

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Wolves of the World

Wolves of the World is the more straightforward of the albums, in my opinion. For Wolves, I wanted the listener to hear it as a starting point to the 3 albums before leading them into the more adventurous sounds of HAAST. Wolves is also the only album with tracks from one producer, Toboggan, whom I met opening for the Death Comet Crew


Nights Without Smiles

I first heard saxophonist Sam Hillimer, or Diamond Terrifier, part of the noise-jazz-funk collective called Z's, while scrolling through the Terrible Records website and I saw this road trip video of him playing at different spots when I said to myself, "I want to work with that dude!" After that, I reached out to him, we spoke on the phone, then agreed to talk about what to do next musically.  My missus and I met with him and his family, and Michael Beharie at his house, and this eventually became Nights Without Smiles a year later. Nights without Smiles also marks the beginning of Tygr Rawwk's affiliation with French cassette-label, Hello LA. 


Love Me Tonight

Out of all the albums, Love Me Tonight took the longest to put together, as I've been working on and editing this record since before End It All was released.  From Tobacco to Peter Swanson to Gobby to Laurel Halo & H. Prizm, Love Me Tonight features the most guest producers and seems to be the record that people gravitate towards the most out of the 3. 


Nibiru Tut

The initial approach that lead to the creation of Nibiru Tut was centered around my wanting to make something that featured longer, more expansive songs that exceeded 3 minutes in length with a shorter amount of songs total on a record. Nibiru Tut is the beginning of what you're going to start hearing from my ongoing collaborations with producer extraordinaire, Ay Fast. Guests on Nibiru Tut include my mentor and guitarist, Vernon Reid, along with bassist Doug Wimbush, both from the band, Living Colour, on Catch My Sick and Midnight respectively. Sam Fog from Interpol rocks out on The Black Chasm with the drums and lastly, Sam Mickens on The Time for Thunder is NOW handles both the chorus and production duties.  Nibiru Tut will also be made available in cassette form via Hello LA. 



HAAST is named after an extinct, giant, man-eating eagle from New Zealand. The main concept behind this record is to mix live instrumentation and improvisation with track production. After I moved to Cleveland, I found some producers to work with to make the concept for HAAST materialize. Ay Fast from Schematic for the more offbeat straightforward pieces, Snake ZVK for the live improvised collaborations, and Christopher Auerbach-Brown for the string arrangements. HAAST is the more experimental of the trilogy, incorporating elements that I'm going to start utilizing more of moving forward.