Preorder Update

For those of y'all still ridin' with me, but hadn't received an update in a while due to email settings, firewalls, Russian trolls, or sheer oversight. The below is an update you may have missed, with the latest at the bottom:

Greetings, True Believers, One and All,

I want to reach out and thank you for your support and incredible patience and give you an update on what I’ve been up to. Fairly recently, I found that due to complications with sample clearances, it's looking unlikely that the 3 albums (Wolves of the World, Love Me Tonight, & HAAST) will receive vinyl pressing as I’ve intended. I have tried to work with several plants to make it happen, but it’s just not going to go the way I intended.

I think I’ve found a solution worthy of your good taste!

Gamma Proforma has agreed to press up a vinyl compilation of the 3 albums entitled Triptych. YOU, of course, will receive said vinyl in the mail. Please reach out if you're still missing the digital download of the three albums!

A cassette E.P. (Night w/o Smiles), produced by Michael Beharie and featuring saxophone by Diamond Terrifier, will be shipped to you as well along with the Die Tonight book.

There are no words for how much I appreciate your patience in this matter and apologize to those who are as disappointed as I am with the course change. I hope that this snag is not a deterrent for you to be a part of multiple upcoming releases!

If the solution I am offering is not to your satisfaction, please reach out to me at and we will remedy it!



The current delay in shipping out your pre-orders has been Gamma Proforma not completing their fulfillment of the Triptych vinyl in the time originally quoted to me. Despite ceasing to do business as a functioning label since May, Gamma Proforma has still promised to send the agreed upon vinyl and the head of the label has assured me that Triptych is still happening.

For those no longer interested in waiting on the Triptych vinyl, what I can currently offer you is: A) Wolves of the World on vinyl, B) the book, Die Tonight, C) Nights w/o Smiles cassette, D) Nibiru Tut on cassette, and D) the next album on cassette, Someday This Will All Be Ash, to be released this Fall of 2018. 

If the above package does not satisfy you, it's completely fine and we'll work it out! E-mail me at and we'll rectify the matter.

Stay tuned and thank you most kindly, True Believers!  

Tygr Rawwk Rcrds