Beans, Wolves of the World, Love Me Tonight and HAAST (Tygr Rawwk Rcrds) These simultaneously and harmoniously released albums considerably enhance this Antipop Consortium MC’s solo output. Wolves comes closest to the hip-hop bullseye and is the shortest of the three, the guest-studded Love is described as pop-leaning (this is of course relative) as it spreads out, and HAAST is the most experimental of the bunch, amply idea-loaded to not buckle under its 77 minutes. Vinyl limited to 500 each, and Beans’ book Die Tonight is also available. Love Me Tonight’s cover art is majestic. B+ / A- / A-
— The Vinyl District
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“Beans has slowly carved out a unique world for himself, his sometimes-personal, sometimes-outre lyrics melding with a wide range of productions and finding a unique audience every time. There will always be those who love his outsider-art approach to his Warp-era records, and those who will never get enough of the confessional nature of his 2007 set Thorns. He never intended to be the biggest rapper out there: just one of the most distinct ones you’ll ever come across.”

- PopMatters 

“A niche rapper and part-time monarch of hip-hop’s avant garde, Beans has returned to the game with a defined impact, releasing three full-length records and a debut novel simultaneously. The records, Wolves of the World, Love Me Tonight and HAAST, exist independently, and each surely paints a different image of the New York native’s outlook on his life and on his world.” - Mxdwn